Woman Wakes Up From Coma After 27 Years

Representational image - Sakshi Post

Abu Dhabi: Miracles do happen; not everything necessarily has to have logic. There are times when certain things startle you to the core. And, the world is not short of such events and occurrences. The story of a Dubai woman who regained consciousness after being in comatose state for 27 long years is cause of wonderment.

In 1992, the 32-year old Muneera met with an accident when she was returning home from her son’s school. The vehicle in which the two were travelling was hit by a school bus. In order to save her son, the woman held her son tightly. While the boy escaped with minor injuries, Muneera suffered major injuries to her head. Doctors declared that she went into coma, and there was barely any chance for her to regain consciousness.

Days after the incident, the UAE government sent the patient to London for better treatment. The patient was sent back to UAE after doctors in London made strenuous efforts to improve her situation. But her situation did not change, and the doctors sent her back to UAE. Since then Omar and his family members did not give up on Muneera and provided her with physiotherapy treatment. Sensing that the patient situation could be bettered, the UAE Crown Court sent her to Germany for treatment two years ago. After about a year when her treatment was coming to an end, a miracle took place.

In June 2018, an altercation took place in the room where Muneera was treated in Germany. The chaos and din caused sensation in her body, and she slightly moved her hands. Omar, who was in the same room after few days, heard his mother calling him softly by his name. Omar was awestruck by what he had seen and heard. Doctors confirmed that she regained consciousness after 27 years! The joy of Muneera’s family knew no bounds. Within days, she left for Abu Dhabi along with family members. She was admitted at the local government hospital, where physiotherapy is being performed on her. Omar currently takes his mother to mosques on a wheelchair.

This remarkable story came to light when the hospital where Muneera is currently treated in Abu Dhabi published her story in its medical report last month. Speaking to The National an ecstatic Omar shared that he never gave up on his mother. “My story is a classic example as to how one should not give up hope on their loved ones,” he says proudly.

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