Watch: Influencer Breaks Down After Instagram Deletes Her Account

Jessy Taylor - Sakshi Post

The word influencer has become synonymous to a small size entrepreneur because of itmakes people money. Recently an Instagram influencer took to Youtube and broke down about the fact that her account was deleted from the photo-sharing platform.

Jessy Taylor was an Influencer with over 1,13,000 followers. She had been reported by many people which led to the deletion of her account.

She had taken to the video sharing site, Youtube, to talk about the unfortunate deletion of her account. She was in tears trying to explain how she had tried everything she could to get her account back.

She, in the video, while trying to wipe off her tears, speaks about how she has tried to be a better person, but it was of no use. She said that the people who reported her should have thought twice before reporting her because they 'ruined her life'.

She said that the reason for their behaviour is not clear.

She also made a mention about how she was a prostitute before she had started making money off Instagram and says that she does not want to 'go back to prostitution and on the streets on meth'.

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