In an interesting development, a company in Sweden will pay employees for doing absolutely nothing. A Swedish train station is looking to hire someone for an 'Eternal Employment' project.

The only thing the employee has to do is to clock in and clock out. The salary will be around $2,280 (Rs 1.6 lakh) per month. The Korsvagen train station in Gothenburg will be recruiting a full-time employee for the job which will last their lifespan until he/she quit. In the case of this, another employee will be recruited.

The pay, pension and holidays offered to an average public sector employee in Sweden will be the same for the project employee as well.

The employee once hired will be required to clock in at the station in the morning and clock out at the end of the shift. Other than that, there are no responsibilities which will be handed over to the employee, who doesn't even need to stay in the station during the shift timings but has to return at the end of the day to clock out.

A changing room and a clock will be offered to the employee. The clock is connected to fluorescent lights above the platform and will signal whenever the employee is at work. This amazing job opportunity, however, is possible only in 2026 as the railway station is expected to be completed only in 2026 and the applications will be accepted in 2025.

This experiment, ‘Eternal Employment' has been designed by Swedish artists Simon Goldin and Jakob Senneby who have arranged funds of around $650,000 (Rs. 4.5 crores) from the Public Art Agency in Sweden to execute it.

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