Patient Pretends To Be Doctor In Russian Mental Hospital

Boris Kondrashin,Patient Pretends To Be Doctor In Russian Mental Hospital - Sakshi Post

Moscow: A patient with a serious mental illness tried to pass for a doctor in a mental health facility. This incident took place in the Urals city of Russia. According to details, Boris Kondrashin (36) was found to be impersonating a doctor when an inspection was held in the hospital.

The accused Boris murdered his classmate, later assumed he was a vampire and drank the blood of the dead boy, when he was 16 years old. A Russian court ordered proper treatment for his condition in 2000. After admitting in the hospital doctors confirmed that he was suffering with homicidal schizophrenia.

Boris was treated in the hospital for 10 years. However, he got fake certificates of a medical degree and secured a job in the city mental health hospital. Here his role was to advise the patients about the effects of liquor consumption and smoking cigarettes. Boris was good at making others believe that he was a doctor. But when the Interfax officials inspected the hospital, the truth about him came to light.

His sister was astonished to learn of his impersonation. Neither she nor their mother was aware of the fact that Boris was 'working' as a doctor. She later confirmed that the accused was only a high school graduate. Talking about his mental condition she added that her brother has been calm since the treatment and has harmed none since then. His sister wants Boris to undergo the treatment for somemore time.

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