This German Woman Has Never Worn a Dress Twice

Paul Brockmann with the dresses, Paul and Margot Brockmann in the inset - Sakshi Post

Paul Brockmann has been married to Margot for 61 years years now. They are a German couple in their 80’s. But the interesting fact about the couple is that their garage holds the largest dress collection in the world. When asked about this Paul replied that if he found a nice dress then he bought it for his wife Margot. The total numbers of dresses bought by Paul stand at a staggering 55,000.

The dresses have been held in their garage at East Mesa, Arizona residence. There are three 50 foot long containers and a special closet along with the garage.
Paul and his wife Margot met at a dance-hall in the Germany since then they are together.

Talking about his first meet with Margot, Paul said, I cannot remember the dress she was wearing but I remember that she looked pretty in it. He added, “When I walked in, Margot was already present there, we danced all night and we fell in love.”
Since then, Paul has been gifting dresses to Margot.

While most of the dresses bought were secondhand and vintage, this was so because Paul’s love for the fashions of the ’50s. That was the time when women wore wide skirts and petticoats, he reminded. Paul visited garage sales very often and he was intimated by the people about the sales. At times they offered good prices, he recollects.

This octogenarian has last bought a dress in 2014, as they ran out of space. Paul hopes to sell all the collection leaving behind 200 for Margot. They just selected her dresses for their trip to a German Karneval celebration in Las Vegas this weekend. “One of them is long, it’s peach-colored tulle,” Paul reports, “and the other, shorter one is a green satin.”Talking about his wife’s interests in all these dresses, he said, Margot is not interested in them.

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