Beijing: A woman woke up to realize that she is suffering from a rare hearing disorder. This strange case was reported in China. The patient identified as Chen from the city Xiamen, on the east coast of China, is being diagnosed with a rare kind of hearing loss, as a result of which she can hear only high-frequency tones that are mostly of females. Oddly, she cannot hear male voices.

Chen complained to doctors that she woke up one day to find that she was unable to hear her boyfriend's voice, as also those of other men. After examination by doctors, it was found that the Chinese woman was suffering from reverse-slope hearing loss, and because of her condition she could hear only high frequency sounds. This rare condition affects one in nearly 13,000 patients with hearing problems. Doctors said stress might be the reason behind this condition of Chen.

According to reports Chen was suffering from nausea and ringing in her ears on the night before she woke up with this condition. She consulted doctors at the Qianpu Hospital in the city and met an ear, nose and throat specialist (ENT). The female doctor who examined Chen added that anything said by her was audible to Chen without any problem but she was unable to hear anything which was said by a young male patient at the hospital.

What is the reverse-slope hearing loss (RSHL)?

Reverse-slope hearing loss (RSHL) is a medical condition which affects the hearing of lower frequencies and could be a genetic disorder. Other reasons behind RHSL are Wolfram syndrome, Mondini dysplasia, and hereditary through a dominant gene. Sudden hearing loss, Ménière's disease, and viral infection are also discovered as causes of RSHL.

Treating RSHL is a tough task as most of the doctors are trained to treat high-frequency loss. Other symptoms of RSHL are difficulty in understanding speech on the phone, ability to hear and understand the voices of women, children but not men and lacking the ability to hear low-frequency environmental sounds.

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