Philippines Airlines Flies Solo Female Passenger From Davao To Manila

Philippines Airlines Flies Solo Female Passenger From Davao To Manila - Sakshi Post

Taking a solo flight on a private chartered plane is something of a dream for a common man. However very get this privilege. For a commercial flyer, this feat of travelling alone on a flight is dream come true.

Yes, commercial flyers do get lucky and travel all alone on a commercial flight.

Louisa Erispe is one such flyer turned up at the airport to fly from Davao to Manila in the Philippines Airlines flight PR 2820. She assumed it to be yet another flight of her life. But this turned out to be a lifetime experience for her.

After boarding the flight Erispe, found the plane filled with empty seats. Later she realized that no passenger was on the plane. She was the only flyer apart from the plan’s cabin crew and pilots.

Erispe was the sole audience to listen to the in-flight safety instructions and was treated with food and drinks during the whole flight .

The lone passenger Eripse even took a picture of herself with the empty flight and seats showing up in the frame. This picture was shared by her on Facebook.After Erispe’s flight arrived in Manila airport, the only piece of luggage that showed up on one of the conveyor belt was her bag.

However, this is not the first ever instance, where a passenger was treated to a private flight.

In another such instance a woman named Karon Grieve flew solo all the way from Glasgow to Crete after 10 people who booked their tickets cancelled them.

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