It all started on November 21 , when Donald Trump in his inimitable style took to Twitter to talk about the dip in temperatures which was around -2 degrees Celsius in Washington "Brutal and Extended Cold Blast could shatter ALL RECORDS Whatever happened to Global Warming?" he tweeted.

This sent the Twiteratti into a tizzy when an eighteen year old girl from Jorhath in Assam , tweeted saying that , "I am 54 years younger than you. "I just finished high school with average marks. But even I can tell you that WEATHER IS NOT CLIMATE. If you want help understanding that, I can lend you my encyclopedia from when I was in 2nd grade. It has pictures and everything."

Her comment lead to a trail of Tweets which was was liked by more than 22000 people and received 5200 retweets. The memes were hilarious and some of them even thanked her through memes for trying to explain to explain to the US President the difference between weather and climate. "You have explained something in simple words, and your counterpart understands only simple words, I hope at least," said one Twitter user.
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Her Tweet was picked up the International Press as well...

One Twitter user went on to explain the concept of global warming to Donald Trump

There were some who were quick to defend Trump, like in this Tweet...

To which she was quick to defend herself and respond saying...

Her Tweet also earned her an offer an internship to study the effects of climate change on the Arabian Sea.

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