In an unfortunate attack, a 19-year-old girl had a close shave with death after she was attacked by a shark. The girl escaped from the clutches of a shark while she was posing for photos with sharks for her Instagram page.

Katarina Zarutskie, of California, is a nursing student and an aspiring model. She was on a holiday with her boyfriend and his family in the Bahamas when she posed with sharks for her Instagram page.

Suddenly, a five-foot shark caught hold of her arm and dragged her underwater. After a scary struggle, she was able to get out of the shark's clutches. She survived with a wound and teeth marks on her arm.

All this deadly adventure happened on Staniel Cay Island, which is famous for clear blue water and usually passive sharks. There have been very rare instances of sharks attacks. But a warning board has been put up on the island that reads: sharks can bite.

Despite warning, visitors often swim with the sharks and looking at the people Katarina too was excited to get into the water. Despite her near-death experience, the young model was more worried that her modeling career as she seems to have be upset because of the injury marks on her body.