Woman stuns Paritala Sunita at Janmabhoomi

Woman stuns Paritala Sunita at Janmabhoomi - Sakshi Post

'Janmabhoomi- My village'  at an Anantapur village on Tuesday saw a a woman stunning Minister Sunitha with tough questions.

The barrage of questions saw the woman minister squirming in her seat.The incident occured in Muktapuram of Kanaganapalli in Ananthapur District.

Unable to put up with long-winding speeches of politicos, a woman pushed herself onto the stage and asked the speechless minister to focus on local problems and not give in to speeches.She demanded water release from Dharmavaram tank to her village. She even asked the leader about Chandrababu's election promise of waving of Dwcra loans'. She said the government was fooling them and was doing nothing to fulfil election eve promises.

An embarrassed minister assured her that she would look into the issues raised by the villager.

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