Woman stumps tippler husband; seeks a peg for her too

Woman stumps tippler husband; seeks a peg for her too - Sakshi Post

CoimbatoreFed up with her alcoholic husband, a woman here has hit upon a novel idea to put an end to his habit as she followed him to the liquor shop and demanded a drink for herself too, a move that prompted him to take an instant pledge not to touch liquor ever again.

The woman was dejected with her husband who got addicted to liquor and neglected the family, resulting in frequent quarrels, police said. She confronted her husband  by entering the bar frequented by him and asking him to order a drink for her too, taking him, others tipplers present and the staff by surprise.

As a quarrel broke out between the couple, on information from the bar staff, police rushed there and intervened and managed to bring about a truce. In the presence of police, Lily said if her husband continued with his habit, she would also consume liquor in the same bar. At this, Jayakumar promised to not to consume liquor and left with his wife.

Source: PTI

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