Woman Kills Husband With Paramour’s Help, Then Plays A Thriller Drama 

Manda Sudhakar Reddy (deceased), Swathi and Rajesh - Sakshi Post

In a crime incident that has all elements of a desi TV serial, a woman killed her husband with the help of her paramour in Nagarkurnool. It's not that plain. The paramour poured acid on his face and claimed that he was the man who himself killed. The parents of the deceased man also believed it and spent Rs5 lakh to arrange a plastic surgery to the killer and they realized, that too, after some stranger alerted them on the phone, that the person in the hospital was not their son but he was actually the killer of their son.

The script for this sensational sex-murder-plastic surgery drama was written by the woman and she single-handed directed the whole episode.

Swathi, wife of Manda Sudhakar Reddy, developed an extra-marital affair with one Rajesh of her neighborhood in Nagarkurnool as her husband was away most of the time on business trips. As their relationship reached its peaks, they decided to eliminate Sudhakar Reddy. And they didn't stop with murder plan. After killing the man, her paramour would pour acid on his face and claim it was an attack by someone.

They executed their plan on November 27. She killed her husband by strangulating him by a pillow with the help of Rajesh in the wee hour when he was fast asleep. After Reddy died, they took the body to an isolated place outside the town and buried it completely.

Then, Rajesh poured acid on his own face and the woman claimed it was her husband Sudhakar Reddy as his face was completely burnt beyond recognition. Swathi and parents-in-law admitted Rajesh in a hospital and the treatment went on for 10 days. Sudhkar Reddy's parents, who were still under the impression that Rajesh was their son, paid the hospital bills to the tune of Rs5 lakh.

Hours before the discharge of Rajesh from hospital, Reddy's parents received a phone call and a stranger informed them the one who was in the hospital was not their son and he was the killer of their son. Heart broken, Reddy's parents approached the police. After a thorough investigation, the police joined the pieces together and concluded that it was Swathi and Rajesh who killed Sudhakar Reddy.

Police arrested Swathi and Rajesh. During interrogation, Swathi is reported to have admitted to killing her husband with the help of her paramour Rajesh.

The incident created an utter disgust among the people in the town and left the police in a shock. "The woman was influenced by TV serials and this is the most horrifying crime involving a wife in the known history," said Nagarkurnool SP S. Kamleshwar while briefing the media.

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