Woman Driver Gets Crushed by Her Own Car

The video grab of the woman driver who was run over by her car while waiting at a red light in Burlington. - Sakshi Post

Burlington (USA):  In a bizarre incident, a woman who was driving her car, came under the wheels of the same car. The amazing incident was captured by a Dash Cam video in Burlington of the US.

The woman, who was driving the car, stopped at a red light to check if she had closed the fuel cap. However, she did not stop the engine and apply hand brake. While she was examining it, the vehicle moved and she tried to get into the car and stop it. In this attempt, she slipped and came under her car’s wheels.

The vehicle then rolled into a tree an came to a halt. Quite amazingly, though the car ran over her back and limbs, the woman was fine and later got into her car and drove off.

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