Woman Chatting On Phone, Loses Leg In Ghastly Mishap

A combo film shows the moment when the woman was caught in the lift and subsequently lost her leg. - Sakshi Post

Shanghai: In a tragic incident, a woman lost her leg while getting into a lift as she was distracted by a phone ring.

The incident took place at an office in Shanghai when the employee was leaving for the day. As the lift doors opened, the woman employee prepared to enter when she was distracted by her phone ring. She then trips and falls into the lift but her right leg is caught between the closing doors and the lift moves up crushing her leg.

According to the CCTV footage from inside the lift, the woman apparently does not notice the lift car has already started to rise, trips over the edge and fall inside with one leg trailing behind. Her friend reaches a hand through the gap in an effort to help but is left behind as the lift goes up. After a few second, the lift stops and begins to descend and the woman is seen pushing herself away from the doors in agony.

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