With No Rains forecast, Will Pattiseema Project Become Useless?

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In what could be seen as a worst drought ahead, a latest study report on rain fall in the present monsoon session has sounded warning bells. The study, jointly conducted by the ISRO and Vassar Labs, predicted no scope for any rainfall in Krishna river catchment area in the month of July.

“If everything goes well, a single rain may occur in the second fortnight, but the chances are very bleak” the report said.

The ISRO and Vassar report poured water on the expectations of meteorological department which predicted good rain fall and good harvest in the present session. The ground realities too are very grim as harvesting activity in many areas in the state has come to a halt.

The situation is quite alarming for the government as well, said an official and added that if ISRO, Vassar predictions come true, drought would return with more intensity.

If no rain occurs in Krishna catchment areas in the month of July, Srisailam and Nagarjuna Sagar would not get any additional water, the report said and added that thus the situation in Rayalaseema will not be any better.

Pattiseema proves futile

The Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu has a lot of hopes on Pattiseema project. But so far, the project proved futile. The Chandrababu government promised to divert Krishna water to Rayalaseema, but with no water in Krishna River, not a single drop of Krishna water can reach Rayalaseema. As a result, Pattiseema project would be rendered useless.

Meanwhile, the sources in the government informed that the government is looking for alternatives sources like rain guns and cloud seeding methods to save the crops.

But the experience tells that rain guns and cloud seeding are not an alternative source of water. Meanwhile, his detractors consider it as a rain god's curse on Chief Minister for his known and unknown sins.

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