Will welcome those ready to return to Hindu fold: Togadia

Will welcome those ready to return to Hindu fold: Togadia - Sakshi Post

Hyderabad: Senior VHP leader Pravin Togadia today said they will welcome people from other religions, who are willing to embrace Hinduism.

We will not allow conversion of a single Hindu. In India those Muslims and Christians, who are the descendants of Hindus, if anyone among them is willing to embrace Hinduism we are ready to take them back. Some went (converted) during rule of Mughals, while some during the Victoria's rule. Now come back, the Vijayanagara empire is again going to be set up in the country, the VHP international working president said.

Togadia was addressing a gathering of 'Hindu Shakti Sangamam' here organised as a part of golden jubilee celebrations of the Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP). We are determined that respect of Hindus is upheld. Even if there is a religious conversion of a single Hindu in this country it means there is no respect for us. We want security and prosperity. Security means we will not allow the Hindu population to decrease. We will not allow conversion of a single Hindu. There is a need to implement uniform civil code in the country and stop the system of four wives, he said. Stating that the three crore Bangladeshi infiltrators should be driven out from the country, he said, There was a time when everyone was Hindu. Even in India everyone was Hindu. In Bangladesh there were 30 per cent Hindus which came down to 8 per cent. In Pakistan, population of Hindus is now only one per cent from 10 per cent earlier.

In India only 82 per cent are now Hindus. The population of Hindus is declining. In our motherland population is decreasing. He further said, We will not tolerate 'Love Jihad'. Untouchability is a stigma on Hindus. Our determination is no Hindu starves, he gets work and health facilities. The VHP leader opposed Telangana government's decision to provide 12 per cent reservations to Muslims. We have not gathered here to celebrate this event. We will celebrate only after the Ram Mandir is built at Ayodhya. We will celebrate only after four lakh Kashmiri Hindus return to their homes with respect. We will celebrate when no cows are slaughtered on this earth.

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