Will send you to Andaman: TDP leader to police

Will send you to Andaman: TDP leader to police - Sakshi Post

Telugu Desam Party leader Kala Venkata Rao, who came to K.K.Naidupet of Etcherla constituency in Srikakulam district to observe the election trends there, misbehaved with police personnel there.

He criticized the police and accused them of supporting YSRCP in the elections.

He exuded confidence that he would win in the elections and TDP would come into power in the state. “I will come here as the home minister and send you to Andaman,” Venkata Rao warned the police personnel there.

The police personnel are dejected with the behavior of the leader.

Venkata Rao, along with MPP candidate Ballada Venkataramana Reddy and TDP district president Choudhury Narayana Murthy, visited a polling centre in Etcherla constituency to observe the election trends there. They tried to obstruct the election process there.

Local leaders requested them not to create obstacles for the election process, which was going on in a peaceful way. A tense situation was prevailed there for a while. However, the leaders left the area later.
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