Will not attend Chandrababu's 'pompous' swearing-in: YS Jagan

Will not attend Chandrababu's 'pompous'  swearing-in: YS Jagan - Sakshi Post

Denouncing the pomp and show associated with the coronation of N Chandrababu Naidu, YS Jagan Mohan Reddy has said he does not want to be part of the extravagant swearing-in ceremony when the state is in deep crisis and affirmed that the people have given YSRCP the mandate to mount pressure on TDP government to fulfill its poll promises.

Speaking to reporters in Rajahmundry on Saturday after the review meeting of five north coastal Andhra districts he said: “On one hand Naidu has been seeking donations from the people to build the capital city and on the other an estimated Rs 30 crores is being lavishly spent on the swearing-in ceremony which at this point of time is not wise and I leave it to their wisdom but I personally will not ratify such a wasteful expenditure.

A section of media has been trying to project that Naidu has limited resources and empty coffers suggesting that loan waiver may be difficult but people have given us mandate to question TDP governance and the steps being taken to fulfill waiver of agriculture loans.

As things stand, his friendly media is giving a grim picture of the ex-chequer and the loan waiver signature has little or no meaning unless the date from which the scheme will be implemented is announced before hand.”

Dubbing the entire exercise as a drama as there is no guarantee that the loans will be waived, he said YSRCP will mount pressure on TDP government to fulfill its promise to the farmers.

On the review meetings, he said : This is an exercise carried out to anayalise in detail the shortcomings in some of the constituencies we lost which will enable us to take corrective measure in the coming days. A false propaganda has been unleashed that we are reviewing as to why we were defeated in the elections.

“It is not that we were in power and lost now and are searching for reasons. We started off with one MP and one MLA went up to two MPs and 20 MLAs and we now we have eight MPs and 67 MLAs and Seemandhra and nine MPs and 70 MLAs as a whole. 

Out graph has been on the rise. What we have reviewed is if there is any lacuna in organizational matters so that corrective measures will be taken in the days to come. We have taken the feedback from the cadre which will be the basis for strengthening the party structure, he said.

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