Will CM Kiran’s dream of Cabinet revamp come true?

Will CM Kiran’s dream of Cabinet revamp come true? - Sakshi Post

Undeterred by attacks against him from his rival camp, Chief Minister N Kiran Kumar Reddy is continuing his persuasion to convince AICC president Sonia Gandhi for cabinet reshuffle or at least for minor changes in the cabinet allowing him to add members from his own group.

 Giving a shock to his cabinet colleagues, the Chief Minister has taken some bold steps such as asking tainted ministers Dharmana Prasada Rao and Sabita Indra Reddy and sacking another minister DL Ravindra Reddy after his return from Delhi earlier. 

The ouster of D L Ravindra Reddy came in as a big blow to his detractors in the cabinet like PCC chief Botsa Satyanarayana, Deputy Chief Minister Damodara Rajanarasimha, K Jana Reddy and Vatti Vasanta Kumar. DL has been axed for criticizing his schemes openly especially ‘Bangarutalli’. It seems DL had never expected unceremonious exit from the cabinet despite his efforts to bring the administrative lapses in the Kiran government to the notice of the party leadership in Delhi when he had a chance to meet Sonia Gandhi, Gulam Nabi Azad and Ahmed Patel. His attempts proved futile because Kiran Reddy made his position strong in Delhi.   

Kiran Kumar Reddy, who is leaving for Delhi tomorrow (Wednesday), may return with some more weapons to use against his opponents. Besides taking action against the tainted and dissident ministers, Kiran Reddy is also learnt to have given a free hand to prepare the ground for the ensuing local body polls. As part of this endeavour, he took up filling of nominated posts. Appointing Tripurana Venkataratnam and five other women in the State Mahila Commission is any indication of Kiran’s wielding power stick.  

As per the indications given by the party high command, Kiran Kumar Reddy will reach Delhi with the list of probable candidates in case of the possible cabinet reshuffle. He is of the view that there are about seven vacancies in the cabinet after two resignations and one ousting and revamp should be done before the next phase of Assembly session which is likely to commence on June 10. If it did not take place now, the cabinet expansion may take much more time. During his last visit to Delhi, Kiran Kumar Reddy obtained permission only for removing DL Ravindra Reddy after extensive meetings with AICC president Sonia Gandhi and Gulam Nabi Azad. After taking many issues into consideration, they cleared to axe DL. 

However, his ouster drew flak even from the senior Congress leaders. They say that the tainted ministers are shown doors respectfully as they were asked to give resignation letters, but DL, who has no such remarks on his career, was sacked unceremoniously.  It has been propagated by supporters of Kiran Reddy that two more ministers (C Ramachandraiah and K Parthasaradhi, who has been convicted in a FERA case) will also be axed shortly. But Kiran Reddy is very particular about DL for his repeated remarks on all the schemes introduced by him. Removal of C Ramachandraiah is not that easy that of DL Ravindra Reddy as the former is backed by Union Minister Chiranjeevi. 

The options left before Kiran Kumar Reddy is to weed out his detractors from the cabinet and accommodating his own men in the cabinet to sail smoothly in the ensuing local body elections and general elections after a year. In the wake of Congress party’s fresh thinking of going for early polls along with AP assembly, Kiran Kumar Reddy may be given free hand to turn the situation in his favour. A hint to this effect has already been given to Kiran Reddy during the previous meeting with Sonia Gandhi. He reportedly expressed his inability to go to the polls without support from the cabinet colleagues. 

Kiran is planning to accommodate some of his confidants in the cabinet. They are Mallu Bhatti Vikramarka,  Deputy Speaker, Gandra Venkata Ramana Reddy, Chief Whip, T Jayaprakash Reddy,Whip (Jagga Reddy), Veerasiva Reddy, Kamalamma and Adinarayana Reddy, from YSR Kadapa district. To negate the impact of Ravindra Reddy’s dismissal, Kiran is said to be inclined to induct former minister Gade Venkat Reddy into the cabinet once again in view of their close relationship. The MLCs who are strong contenders for the cabinet berths include D Srinivas, Shabbir Ali, Rudramraju Padmaraju and Chengal Rayudu. MLC Ranga Reddy, who is close to Kiran Kumar Reddy, may also be chosen. 

Meanwhile, PCC chief Botsa and Minister K Jana Reddy have already camped in Delhi to move pawns against Kiran Kumar Reddy. He is also carrying a list of probable candidates for ministerial berth. Deputy Chief Minister Damodara Rajanarasimha, who planned to go to Delhi today evening, cancelled at the last moment and reasons for cancellation are yet to be known. Jana Reddy, who was accompanying Botsa in Delhi, is eying on Home ministry in the cabinet expansion. Chiranjeevi too is understood to have proposed names of some of his erstwhile PRP colleagues for cabinet berths. As all the forces reached Delhi with their own plans, the outcome may be known only after two days. 


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