Will Amma’s ‘Heir’ Join the Celebs and Break His Silence?

Jayalalithaa treated Ajith as her own son and at times even referred to publicly as her political heir. - Sakshi Post

The power struggle in Tamil Nadu appears to be racing towards a crescendo as the two AIDMK leaders have both sought face time with the governor on Thursday. While MLAs in the party have been mostly silent on their stance so far, a few of them have managed to voice their support openly.

Kamal Hasan who had always maintained a political silence in the past has surprisingly become very vocal in the past few days. He has not only given interviews on television but also been seen on social media encouraging his fellow celebrities to take a stance on the issue.

Kollywood stars who command large fan following and on who political parties depend on during elections, are seldom seen in political circles or heard voicing out opinions thereafter.

So when celeb heavy weights such as Rajinikanth maintain their calculated silence even during chaotic times, the people of Tamil Nadu may not read it as being indifferent.

Silence however was not expected from actor Ajith whom the late chief minister Jayalalithaa treated as her own son and at times even referred to publicly as her political heir.

Took potshots at DMK

Ajith reciprocated this maternal affection he received from Amma by seeking her blessings for his movies and did not hide his support for AIDMK. In fact he even spoke publicly at an awards show saying that movies should not be politicized, (a jibe directed against Karunanidhi) for which he received a standing ovation from Rajinikanth himself.

Ajith reportedly hit the gym after Jayalalithaa cautioned him about his health

His six pack at the insistence of Jayalalithaa

When Ajith went to seek blessings from Jayalaithaa in 2015 for his movie Vedalam, she reportedly inquired about his health and encouraged him to get in shape. It is after this that Ajith decided to hit the gym and get fit. His six pack in his latest movie ‘Vivekam’ has astonished fans.

When Jayalalithaa was hospitalized, Ajith was the first to call upon her and inquire about her health.

For her own benefit, Sasikala reportedly made efforts to keep him at bay after Jayalalithaa’s death. Some say that he would have got better treatment had he supported Pannerselvam. We have to wait and see if Ajith will break his silence soon.

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