Why TDP is silent on Rohit’s suicide?

Why TDP is silent on Rohit’s suicide? - Sakshi Post

YSR Congress SC Cell has taken strong objection to the lack of response from the TDP government towards the death of research scholar Rohit at the Central University campus. "Chief Minister N Chandrababu or his cabinet colleagues did not react to the grave incident which shows that they are anti-Dalit,’ party SC Cell president Merugu Nagarjuna said on Wednesday.

The Vice Chancellor, who was responsible for the suspension of the Dalit students by acting on the orders of the union ministers, has been very adamant. He said Rohit's case is very much like Rishiteshwari's case "We condemn the caste based politics and demand justice to the dalit scholars who are suspended. There is every effort to dilute the case as inquires have been going on at Gurazala, the native place of Rohit. The body of Rohit has been cremated while it should have been buried according to the dalit tradition," he said.

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