Why Niharika’s Marriage With Prabhas Is Impossible?

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The grapevine went abuzz with rumours of Mega star Chiranjeevi's niece Niharika's wedding to Baahubali star Prabhas. The rumours gathered momentum with veteran actor and Prabhas's uncle Krishnam Raju meeting the megastar on a regular basis. Now, if industry sources are to be believed, Krishnam Raju's meetings with Chiranjeevi had little to do with his nephew's marriage.

To scotch all rumours on this matter, the megastar's brother-in-law and producer, Allu Arvind cleared the air with a statement which was emphatic in its tone and content. Describing Niharika as 'Inti Mahalaxmi' (the mega family's very own goddess of wealth incarnate), he said that the last thing the family intended to do was to get her married to a film personality. In fact, it is learnt that Chiranjeevi himself had to step in and say that the budding actress should be "allowed to grow up". Allu Arvind is reported to have further clarified that if they had to consider a potential groom for Niharika, his son and actor Allu Sirish would be the first choice.

So guys, sorry to burst the bubble. Given the circumstances, Prabhas marriage to Niharika is impossible. However, all those who had a heartbreak over the rumour can continue to swoon over Prabhas for now.

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