Why is the TDP afraid of YSRCP: Jyothula

Why is the TDP afraid of YSRCP: Jyothula - Sakshi Post

YSRCP floor leader in the assembly Jyothula Nehru slammed the Andhra Pradesh Government for foisting cases on Nandyal MLA Bhuma Nagireddy.

Talking to mediapersons, he said the cases were false and that the government was making a mockery of democracy.

He said the cases against Bhuma was an attempt to weaken the Opposition party.

“Will you register false cases against those leaders who pointed out your mistakes?” asked the MLA.

He pointed out that the police had registered cases against the son of Vijayawada (Central) MLA Bonda Umamaheswara Rao only after there were reports in the media on the incident. “Is it not true?” asked Nehru.

"I do not understand why the TDP is afraid of the YSRCP," he said.

- Sakshipost

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