Why is Jagan's bail delayed?

Why is Jagan's bail delayed? - Sakshi Post

  Yesterday, the Andhra Pradesh High Court heard the regular bail petition hearing of Kadapa MP and YSR Congress party president, YS Jagan Mohan Reddy. Each time there's a hearing, the case can't stop throwing up surprises. This time around too was no different.

When the case came up for hearing before Justice B Seshasayana Reddy at the AP High Court on Tuesday, the last thing one expected was to see the helplessness of the CBI or so it seemed! It may be recalled here that the CBI had sought more time from the court previously too saying they were yet to figure out in what case Jagan had actually been arrested. This time, the CBI's new excuse is non-cooperation from the government in the case.
The CBI conveniently put the blame on the state government saying it was not receiving enough support from the latter to investigate the case. But what one fails to understand is that if the government did not intend to cooperate, then why is Jagan still in jail? Secondly, why did the CBI wait till the bail petition hearing day to express its disappointment with the government? Isn't this a way to delay the case? If there was an iota of truth to their claims, they could have communicated the same earlier too! Why waste time waiting for the day of court hearing?
It's quite apparent that the CBI is hand in glove with the government. Both are playing games to ensure Jagan remains in jail as long as possible.
On Tuesday, Apex Court's senior counsel Ashok Bhan, who represented the CBI told the court that the government failed to respond despite repeated reminders.
Also, to counter the allegation that the CBI hadn't completed the probe into the case before stipulated time, Bhan also reportedly said that the CBI has not given a time frame as such to the Supreme Court as a case of such nature needs more time and a strict deadline cannot be set!
Well, should we wish to go by the CBI claims that the government isn't offering any support from its side, then the question that pops up is a big WHY? Why isn't the government cooperating? Going by YSRCP's rising popularity, it's a given that Congress feels threatened and insecured. But till when can such unlawful arrest be extended? How long will the CBI play along? Is the government scared that more skeletons will tumble out of its closet if it lets CBI investigate?
By now, everyone knows that Jagan's arrest is unlawful, thanks to the inconsistencies in CBI versions. And buzz in the political circles is that the government indeed has hatched a conspiracy to not just mete out injustice to Jagan, but at the same time protect a selected few!
What happens next? Will Jagan get bail or the hide and seek games of the CBI will continue? The answer will be out tomorrow when the AP High Court will pronounce its verdict.




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