Why is Ameerpet angry with Pawan Kalyan?

Why is Ameerpet angry with Pawan Kalyan? - Sakshi Post

He may be a hero onscreen, but someone else turned out to be the real hero in one of his events.

Power Star Pawan Kalyan was supposed to address a meeting in Ameerpet on Sunday. But the actor reached five hours late for the event, leading to his fans creating a ruckus. In the ensuing melee, the wires on the floor got cut. To stop people from being electrocuted, the electrician present, using his presence of mind, cut the main power supply, thus averting a major disaster. (KCR's satires on Pawan)

As per reports, fans of actor and Jana Sena party founder Pawan Kalyan convened at Satyam theater, Ameerpet. The actor was supposed to reach the venue at 4 pm, but he did not arrive till 9:30 pm. After waiting for a long time, fans got restless and started breaking chairs, and furniture around. Some youngsters even hurled chairs and bottles at the stage. A minor stampede also broke out, leading to few youngsters being injured.  

In the confusion, the electric wires on the ground got cut. An electrician present there quickly cut the main supply to stop any disaster from happening. 

 In spite of coming five hours late, Pawan only stayed for a while. He concluded his speech in five minutes and left the place. Ameerpet is a hub for IT courses and has a huge populations of youngsters.  


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