Why Did RGV Delete His Anti-Pawan Tweet?

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Looks like Director Ram Gopal Varma is scared of Power Star fans. Since the release of Pawan Kalyan's Agnyaathavaasi, we have seen a lot of untoward incidents happening. Thanks to PK fans, Telugu states are in the news and grabbing headlines for all the wrong reasons.

Remember the news report of a Pawan fan stabbing a guy for showing disrepect to Agnnyaathvaasi movie poster? He was being thrashed by fans while another fans captured the video and circulated it on social media platforms.

Yesterday, in his customary style, RGV made some sensational comments against Pawan Kalyan through his twitter handle. But what caught our attention is that he deleted the tweet within a couple of minutes. Looks like RGV doesn't want to rub RGV fans the wrong way as Mahesh Kathi did.

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The tweet posted by RGV last night reads one should not blame Trivikram for the movie’s failure because no director in the world could have made it successful.

Even the biggest directors in the world like Steven Spielberg, James Cameron and Christopher Nolan would fail when they work with Pawan Kalyan, he tweeted.

These tweets were criticising Power star Pawan Kalyan. Later he deleted. Since Mahesh Kathi too withdrew his case filed against PK fans, RGV too thought of playing it safe.Watch this space for updates.

Check fan re-tweeted to RGV:

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