"Why are you defeating me repeatedly?"

"Why are you defeating me repeatedly?" - Sakshi Post

Twice defeated, senior TDP hand Somireddy Chandramohan Reddy, is worried that the voters of Sarvepalli constitutency might reject him for the third time running.

In fact, Somireddy wanted to shift from Sarvepalli, from where he had won twice and went on to become chief minister. The reason? Two consecutive defeats from the same place. He wanted to try his luck from Nellore Rural, but the seat went to the BJP as part of the poll alliance between the TDP and the BJP. Somireddy was left with no option but to contest al beit unwillingly.

"I have developed the constituency and have done lot of work in Sarvepalli. Yet, the people have been rejecting me. I fail to understand why," he queried at an election meeting recently and appealed to them to give him another chance.

This time too, the going seems to be tough for the bearded leader. He is facing one too many hurdles.

- Sakshipost

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