Who said what on Delhi election results?

Who said what on Delhi election results? - Sakshi Post

Kiran Bedi, BJP's CM candidate: I will take full responsibility for the defeat.

Bedi. We both are competing, we both are playing a match. When we play we just play, only one person wins. Even during my policing days if there was a failure, responsibility was mine. 
 GVL Narsimha Rao (BJP):  Local issues dominated the elections. I do not see in this way. In this election it was a referendum on Arvind Kejriwal. That's how people of Delhi saw it. I think people have certainly voted for Kejriwal. I
Manish Sisodia ( AAP):  Delhi wants an honest government. We have a vision plan for Delhi. We have good leadership for Delhi. 
 Yogendra Yadav (AAP): We are confident of crossing the 50-seat mark. The storm in Delhi (in favour of the AAP) has translated into victory. This may be a historic day! The Narendra Modi juggernaut likely to halt. David likely to overcome Goliath. Hope lives again."
 Sambit Patra (BJP) We congratulate Kejriwal. They have won, and won handsomely. We cannot doubt that.

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