Who made Delhiites say Pehle AAP?

Who made Delhiites say Pehle AAP? - Sakshi Post

Now AAP juggernaut seems unstoppable and even Modi mania seems to have failed.

But, AAP's victory is the result of a careful social media analysis done by an expert group of IITians.
The IIT group measures public opinion through the study of the social media posts and developed a sentiment analysis of the public opinion. The algorithm they developed studied the language of the tweets on specifil issues. This also gave them an idea of the possible swings for and against AAP. Based on this, the AAP has developed an election strategy. 
AAP did not focus on issues like women's safety, which did not find resonance with the voters. It focused on issues that affected the lower middle class and developed suitable responses. 
Given the 100 million Facebook users and 33 million twitter users, AAP's strategy clearly focused on its target groups, while BJP, which had used the Social media efficiently in the Lok Sabha elections, had floundered completely. The BJP failed to introduce a single new thought that would get echoed by opinion makers. 
Why the BJP failed to look into these issues and why Congress missed the social media bus needs to be analysed if the traditional parties want to remain relevant.

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