Who killed Mokshagna - uncle or father?

Who killed Mokshagna - uncle or father? - Sakshi Post

Hyderabad: In a shocking twist to the Mokshagna murder mystery, it is now being alleged that it is not the paternal uncle, but the father himself had killed the one-and-a-half year-old kid.

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And suspecting father Bhasker's involvement is his wife and Mokshagna's mother Vimala Priya. She said Bhasker is a die-hard believer in astrology. The astrologers told him that Mokshagna could cause fathers death and has to be eliminated if Bhasker has to survive. According to Vimala Priya, this could have spurred him to kill the baby.
Earlier it was suspected that Mokshagna was killed by his paternal uncle in a property dispute.  Also, Mokshagna's uncle has become untraceable after the boy's death.  However, there no official statement from police regarding this mysterious murder.

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