Where are the good days, AAP protest !

Where are the good days, AAP protest ! - Sakshi Post

New Delhi: The Aam Aadmi Party on Wednesday held a protest in New Delhi against the BJP government, accusing it of plunging the country into despair instead of ushering in the promised achche din during its one year rule.

Scores of workers participated in the rally held at Jantar Mantar in New Delhi led by the party's Delhi convenor Dilip Pandey, who mocked the BJP saying the party was struggling to keep its own supporters happy.

"The Prime Minister did not have the courage to ask his supporters in the Mathura rally whether 'achhe din' had come or not. Because he knew 'achche din' had not come instead the common man was in despair", Pandey said.

The protesters carried garlanded posters bearing messages such as achhe dino ki punya tithi (the end of good days). Pandey took a jibe at Modi's foreign trips saying the country had a Prime Minister who was perennially in flight mode.

Addressing the rally, Karawal Nagar MLA and party spokesman Kapil Mishra, said, "One year of Modi government has been a total failure on all fronts. He has not been able to fulfil a single promise. People are asking where is the Prime Minister or his ministers". Pandey also slammed BJP President Amit Shah for tom-tomming coal block auctions and the formation of SIT on black-money as the government's achievements.

"Amit Shah is projecting coal block auctions, and the formation of SIT on black money as the government's achievements. But what he didn't say was that it was not out of choice but they were compelled to do so by the Supreme Court", he said.


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