When Modi called up a woman SI…..

When Modi called up a woman SI….. - Sakshi Post

On International Women’s Day, Bhopal’s SI Namita Sahu’s phone suddenly rang. It was a call from the Prime Minister’s Office. She couldn’t believe her ears.

She thought it was a prank. But, the person at the other end said PM Narendra Modi would speak to her. Then came the booming voice of Narendra Modi.

PM Modi congratulated Namitha, who is part of the Nirbhaya initiative of the Madhya Pradesh Government, for her team’s efforts at curbing crimes against women. Modi spoke to her for six minutes and lauded the team’s work. He told Sahu to continue working in the same way and become a source of inspiration for other girls. Namitha pinched herself to know if it was true.

When the call ended, she told her colleagues about Modi’s call. But, none believed her. Some even mocked her. But, soon it became clear that Modi had indeed called her as her success story was hosted on the PMO’s website.

Nirbhaya is Madhya Pradesh Government’s initiative to curb harassment of women. The patrolling service has six women police personnel and works from 8 am to 8 pm. The team works in coordination with woman helpline 1090.

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