What will AAP victory mean for the BJP?

What will AAP victory mean for the BJP? - Sakshi Post

AAP managed to inflict the first ever defeat to Modi-led BJP since 2014.

The reverse seems to be have halted Modi Juggernaut. What will this mean for the BJP, which is all set to face elections in Bihar, UP and Assam soon?
* INDEX OF OPPOSITION UNITY: The possibility of all non-BJP political parties uniting against the BJP seems a real possibility. In UP and Bihar, the party's stunning performance in Lok Sabha is mainly due to the division of the non-BJP votes. This victory will give the non-BJP parties food for thought so that they can defeat the BJP in the all important states UP and Bihar.
 * BJP SHOULD GARNER NEW VOTERS: If the Congress gets wiped out, these votes will not go to the BJP, but to any other non-BJP party that appears strong enough to defeat the BJP. The BJP will have to look to not just consolidate its votes, it also needs to garner new, undecided and shifting voters. 
* NOT JUST TALKER, BE A DOER: Though the BJP has shown that it is different from the Congress, it has not fully succeeded in winning the voter confidence. It is yet to be seen as a party of doers. 
* MODI ALONE CAN NOT ENSURE VICTORY: Modi alone cannot win the elections. At the most, Modi can add newer voters. The party organisational network, election strategy are important. In Delhi, the party's organisational structure is in shambles. It did not have any inspiring leader who can create confidence. The state units of the BJP will have to have leaders who can do what Modi can do at the centre. 
* DON'T FORGET URBAN ASPIRATIONS BJP, which had a strong social media strategy in place for the Lok Sabha election, did not have any such strategy for the predominently urban Delhi. It depended on traditional electoral strategies. 
* NEGATIVE IMAGE OF SITTING LEADERS: Most importantly, the negative image of the BJP is also majorly due to the poor performance of its elected members in 
 Metropolital Council and the other civic bodies. This could have caused despair among the voters and made them veer towards the AAP.

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