What Transpired At KCR, Payyavula’s One-On-One Meet?

KCR and Payyavula at the helipad - Sakshi Post

The Sunday’s one-on-one meeting of Telangana chief minister KCR and TDP MLC Payyavula Kesav at the helipad in Anantapur is sparking of furious speculations in the political circles. Keshav and KCR had chatted for over 15 minutes and even the personal aides of the Telangana CM were asked to leave the place.

The meeting was held at Anantapur, where KCR went to bless Andhra Pradesh minister Paritala Sunitha's son Paritala Sriram at the latter's wedding. KCR mingled with the TDP leaders freely and chatted with AP CM Chandrababu for sometime. Later, while at the helipad, he asked one of his aides to call Payyavula Keshav. Both conversed for over 15 minutes. While the contents of the meeting are unknown, KCR bade good bye to Payyavula saying he would soon meet Payyavula at Hyderabad.

Speculations are rife that KCR spoke to him about the 2019 elections. Interestingly, though there were several other VIPs, Ministers, KCR chose to speak only to Payyavula.

During his stint in the Telugu Desam, KCR was the incharge minister for Anantapur and Payyavula was the president of the TDP. Both the leaders enjoy excellent rapport.

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