What scared Ponnala, Damodar, Uttam?

What scared Ponnala, Damodar, Uttam? - Sakshi Post

Telangana Pradesh Congress committee chief Ponnala Lakshmaiah, working chief N. Uttam Kumar Reddy and former Deputy CM Damodar Raja Narasimha, on Saturday spend some anxious moments when the helicopter they were flying in could not find a landing spot.   

According to reports, the Telangana Congress leaders hired a helicopter to fly to Asifabad in Adilabad to attend a Congress meeting there. However, on reaching the venue, the pilot failed to identify the helipad and kept flying, looking for a place to land. This had the leaders scared. 

They breathed a sigh of relief only after the helicopter landed safely.

On Tuesday, Ponnala Lakshmaiah was angry with the pilot for refusing to fly to Warangal from Maddur in Jangaon. The pilot refused to follow the words of the former minister. With this, the war of words took place between Ponnala and the pilot. 


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