What's hi-tech Babu's latest treasure?

What's hi-tech Babu's latest treasure? - Sakshi Post

TDP Chief Chandrababu Naidu as per the schedule had to end his padayatra on January 26, but he extended the date and continuing his padayatra.

But one wonders how Naidu manages to walk such long distances in the sun. Well, it's a well known fact that Naidu is very tech-savvy and is often referred to as hi-tech babu. So, what idea has he come up with this time? To say the idea is mind blowing would be an understatement!

According to sources, Naidu was wearing a cap when he entered Guntur district. If you thought the cap is symbolic of TDP, then you are wrong.

Sources say that Naidu's cap works with Solar power and has a small fan set up inside! It blows cool air to the person sporting the cap! Eye witnesses say that Naidu used this cap when he walked in sun light.

Should this be piece of information be true, then all we can say is "What an idea! Sirjee." However, this time the credit goes to an engineering student from Sasi Institute of Technology who gifted this solar powered cap to Naidu.

Looks like Naidu got a good deal, which prompted him to carry on his padayatra without bothering about the scorching heat!

Now, Naidu's Vastunna Meekosam padayatra has got a touch of technology!


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