Question mark over Babu's administrative skills

Question mark over Babu's administrative skills - Sakshi Post

Charity, as the old saying goes, begins at home. It wouldn't be wrong to say that, so does proper administration. TDP chief Chandrababu Naidu, who claims to be a good administrator , has failed to invest his administrative skills in setting his own house in order.  

On Friday, TDP activists, in Proddatur, went on a rampage attacking the party offices at several places. They even forced to close the offices and burnt furniture in many places. 

One of the leaders, Linga Reddy who has served TDP for the last three decades was ditched by Naidu, as the latter gave ticket to former Congress leader Varadarajulu Reddy. 

Angered over this development, Linga Reddy's supporters burned  TDP flags and in a symbolic move, set many  cycles, the party emblem, on fire.  

An emotional Linga Reddy said " I told Chandrababu Naidu that, though I have no money, I will borrow money and spend for the elections." He added that he would even sell his Kindey to fund the elections, if he had to.  

He said that he would take a final call by evening if Chandrababu fails to respond.  

In Mangalagiri and Tirupati too, the party activists locked the party offices and attached black flags in protest.  

These protests are not the exception, but are increasingly becoming the norm.  

These developments have forced both his supporters and rivals to ask, If Chandrababu can't control his own party members, how will he govern the state? 


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