Excessive Alchohol Intake Weakens Immune System? 

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Are you planning to welcome the lockdown extensions with a drink in your hand? Well, it's time you drop that idea. Recent studies have revealed that excessive drinking can have a negative impact on your immune system.

A strong immune system is what we all need for our bodies to battle the deadly novel coronavirus attack, if incase we come in contact with an infected person.

Different people have different reasons to consume alcohol. But they should make it a point to consume their alcohol within their limits.

Experts say that alcohol has a direct impact on one's immune system, making it quite slow and lethargic. Heavy drinking can dampen the body’s systems including the immune system. After 20 minutes of peak intoxication, your immune system boosts on a higher pace. After 5 hours, the immune system significantly slows down.

Researchers have also noticed that excessive drinking reduced the white blood cells in body which are important for immunity. This is how the immune system weakens.

Studies also say that excessive alcohol intake can make the consumer prone to pneumonia, which is a common illness developed among the people suffering from COVID-19.

Hence, excessive drinking makes it harder for the body to resist any type of disease. So try and avoid Alcohol.

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