15 Healthy, Easy To Keep New Year Resolutions!  

Here we have bought you a few healthy resolutions which you can actually keep to stay fit and healthy throughout the year - Sakshi Post

The final phase of the year 2019 has almost come to an end. This period i.e., the last week of the year in December may be the time when people try to overcome the year and gear up for the festive season and New year's eve. People exchange gift, forgive their loved ones and take out the time from their heavy work schedules and push themselves into a party mood.

The final phase of the year 2019 has almost come to an end and ....it's a Happy New  Year!!

A new year often signifies a fresh start for many people. They try to forget everything about the past year and bring new resolutions in their lives. People set various goals from career to health like taking a step forward in profession, thinking about new startups, losing weight, following a healthier diet, starting an exercise routine and many more.

Do not just make resolutions for the sake of making, but follow them without breaking within a few weeks is what is more important. Here we have bought you a few healthy resolutions which you can actually keep to stay fit and healthy throughout the year.

1. Avoid junks and start eating more of whole foods which is one of the easiest and most sustainable ways to improve your overall health.

2. Sitting too much in one place whether it is workplace or home makes you inactive and can give you negative vibes. Making a resolution to sit less is an easy and attainable resolution that can be tailored to fit your lifestyle.

3. Lower the intake of sweetened beverages. Try to cut down the sugary drinks as they increase the risk of obesity, fatty liver, heart disease, insulin resistance, and cavities in both children and adults.

4. Get enough sleep as it is an essential part of overall health. Sleep deprivation may lead to serious consequences.

5. To remain active and positive your mental and physical health should be perfect. For this, you need to choose physical activities that will make happy. Try to choose simple and sustainable exercise resolutions.

6. For people with busy schedules and limited time, making a resolution to engage in self-care is the most important to remain healthy.

7. Try to make meals and snacks at your home instead of getting them from eateries. Research shows that people who cook more meals at home have better diet quality and less body fat

8. Be social and active. Spending more time outside can improve health by relieving stress, elevating mood, and even lowering blood pressure.

9. One of the most important resolutions you can make a coming year is limiting yourself from the exposure of screen. Spending too much time on electronic devices — particularly on social media — has been linked to depression, anxiety, and loneliness.

10. Take out a little bit of time from your schedule and meditate. Meditation is a stress buster and is very important for your mental well being.

11. Try to switch to natural household products. Make a New Year’s resolution to purchase more natural beauty products, household cleaners, laundry detergents, and personal care products to create a healthier environment for yourself and your family.

12. Cut back on alcohol as much as you can. More intake of alcohol can negatively affect your health. Try to replace alcohol with mocktails or soft drinks.

13. Making a New Year’s resolution to be more mindful and present that may help you feel more content in your everyday life. Research shows that being more present may improve life satisfaction by decreasing negative thoughts, which may thereby improve psychological health

14. Keep taking vacations frequently with your friends and family to avoid stress and depression. Whether you travel to an area you’ve always wanted to visit or simply plan a staycation at home, taking some time for rest and relaxation is important for health.

15. Make a resolution to try out a hobby that you’ve always been interested in — or pick back up a hobby that used to bring you joy. It will indirectly keep you mentally happy and fit.

Though most New Year’s resolutions are only kept for a short period, the healthy resolutions listed above are sustainable ways to improve your physical and emotional health that can be followed for life.

This New Year, try out a few of the resolutions from the above list to help make this year and the years that follow, the healthiest and happiest possible.

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