Stress has often become inevitable in our lives. There is absolutely no one in today’s life who is completely satisfied with their lives. Be it be professional lives or personal lives, there is something or the other that keeps bugging everyone around us mentally, emotionally or physically. The clouds of stress hovering the lives have been deeply impacting the mind and health.

The mental stress also physically stresses and adversely affects the people. This even results in unwanted problems in the body like Infertility. Stress aggravates the problems in the body with other contributing factors like sedentary lifestyles, unhealthy lifestyle choices like drinking and smoking, hormonal changes, unnecessary weight gain, unhealthy eating habits, disturbed sleep patterns and lack of physical activity affects the fertility levels of males and females.

These habits have a straight and adverse impact on the quality of the sperms, shape of the sperm and even its motility. Whereas, women find it problematic as they also have greater risks of miscarriages and stillbirths because of such harmful and unhealthy practices.

Therefore, it becomes very essential to tackle this problem to ensure that it is easier for prospective parents conceive easily:

How to Reduce Stress for Fertility

1. It is important for the prospective mother to be positive and do not worry much about life situations. She must be hopeful of everything in life and stop over thinking. Just think on the good and negate the evil out of your life.

2. It is very important to go for some kind of physical activity. Going for a workout will refresh you from within and ensure that you are energetic throughout the day. Yoga and swimming are excellent if you are trying to conceive. 3. The expecting mother must take time off from her exhausting routine and engage in activities that you take pleasure in. She must also indulge yourself in watching movies, travelling, reading and recreational activities. These activities will elevate your life condition.

4. If the prospective mother thinks that her job is taxing her health, try to manage it but do not leave it. That is because people with a pattern of regular work culture, often find it difficult to sit at home or idle.

Pro Tip: Always keep your professional and personal lives apart. Confusing the two will always result in increased stress.

In conversation with Dr. Rita Bakshi, Senior Gynaecologist and IVF Expert, International Fertility Centre