No, 'beauty sleep' isn't just a catchy phrase; it is a real thing. The quality of sleep you get has a direct link to your appearance. If you're getting the required minimum of shuteye every night, it will find healthy and fantastic ways to show up on your skin. Equally, anything less than 6 hours of sleep is bound to invite concerns of "You look so tired!" from people around you. And trust me, there is nothing more annoying than hearing that over and over again. Read on to know why you should ditch that Netflix binge-sesh and catch up on some precious zzz's.

  1. Fewer wrinkles to worry about

The night is when your skin cells choose to go into repair and makeover mode. One example of this is new collagen production to prevent your skin from sagging. Collagen is useful for keeping your skin firm and plump. It minimizes premature wrinkling and frees you from worrying about anti-aging products. Lack of adequate sleep, less than 6 hours a night, can make your skin dehydrated and give you more visible fine lines than you would get by aging naturally with proper sleep and rest. If for nothing else, keeping your younger-looking skin for longer should be enough motivation to hit the sack a little early.

  1. Your skin will start glowing

This is why it's called 'beauty sleep'. It makes you look beautiful. When you wake up well-rested after a full night's sleep, it means your skin is well-rested too. Proper sleep boosts blood flow to the skin and faster cell regeneration. You see the effects of these functions the next morning in the form of a healthy and glowing complexion. On the flip side, if you've been sleeping too little, or erratically, you're going to be punished with a dull and lifeless complexion very soon. Losing sleep means missing out on the rosy cheeks you desire so ardently.

  1. No more dark circles and puffy eyes

How often have you woken up with dark circles and bags under your eyes after pulling all-nighters on consecutive nights? Yep, we've all been there once or twice. But don't let your unhealthy sleeping habits become permanent. It'll make your under-eye bags permanent too. Less sleep leads to more stress, increasing cortisol levels in your body. This throws your body's salt balance off-kilter, leading to fluid retention, which makes your eyes look puffy. Dark circles are caused when blood isn't flowing well and collects under your eyes due to insufficient sleep

Your skincare products work better

Tell me if this sounds familiar. You noticed your skin has started looking dull and lifeless lately. In a bid to restore its lost youth and vitality, you splurged on creams and serums that didn’t do much beyond making a sizeable dent in your salary. Products applied externally cannot work wonders without support from healthy habits on your part. With no sun damage or free radicals to worry about at night, this is the time your skin can focus better on repair and recovery. Getting enough sleep allows your skin essential time to repair itself and extract the maximum mileage from the night creams and serums you applied before bedtime

Bonus: Gorgeous hair

Sleep doesn't just affect your skin; it also benefits your hair as long as you're getting an adequate amount of it. Without enough sleep, you are sure to be more stressed. Increased cortisol levels can cause hair to fall. The proper synthesis of protein for hair can only happen with 'beauty sleep.' Lack of sleep can be the reason for hair loss, damage, or breakage. The improved blood flow during sleep hours delivers vital nutrients to hair follicles which promotes hair growth and improves hair quality. Now you know what you need to do to flaunt your shiny mane - snooze well!

It is a science-backed fact that good sleep is vital to repair, restructure, and regenerate the skin. If you're not getting good sleep every night, your body must be giving you signs that it is time for a change. Take note of those signs and include some healthy habits before bedtime to get the most out of your sleep. Remove all traces of makeup and be sure to apply a night cream to keep your skin hydrated. Lie on your back and try to keep your head elevated to help in fluid drainage from your face. A glowing complexion can soon be yours - you just need to hit the sack. For more such beauty tips and best ideas on healthy skin care, head on to stylecraze - a one-stop destination for makeup, skincare, health and wellness ideas and more.