Relationship Goals With Your Pets

Relationship Goals With Your Pets - Sakshi Post

Our relationships with our furry friends have great influence on our well being and happiness, as they have become an important part of our life. These days it seems that a pet is almost a requirement for every family life. Children and adults love their little or big pooches, cats, and find pleasure in spending time with them.

Relationship With Furry Friends

Pets give people so much in terms of love and emotional support. Simply spending a little bit of time with a dog, cat, rabbit or even horse can lead to lower blood pressure and can combat stress. Pets also indirectly improve health by fostering social connections, which are good for long-term health.

Man's Best Friend Indeed !

Man’s Best Friend Indeed

Companion animals can provide support and friendship to the lonely, sick or elderly. They can be friends to those who do not easily understand the world around them. Therapy dogs bring smiles to the faces of traumatized and emotionally challenged children and lonely senior citizens. Bomb detection, rescue, and police dogs help us live better lives by contributing to our society in meaningful ways

Let's take a look at how you can have a healthy relationship with your furry friend.

Be A Responsible Owner !

Responsible Owner

The key to having a happy, healthy pet is to be a responsible pet owner like setting proper limits, ensuring your pet's safety and taking care of its exercise as well as providing for any medical attention required. We owe a responsibility to our furry friends to care for their physical and emotional needs and to provide adequate companionship for them. Today we can see that every owner is finding ways to improve relationship with their furry friends and trying to establish themselves as the best possible owners.

Pets Need Social Contact !

Pets Need Social Contact

Relationships always need attention. Pooch is a pack animal and social by nature. It needs to be involved with its human family and always want to feel a part of the family. The biggest fear of dogs is being left alone. So always make sure that your pooch isn't left alone! Not just interaction they also need exercise.

Cats are stress busters

Cats are stress busters. They are not as social as dogs, but they need companionship too. Basically they too need to be petted by human.

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