Menopause: A Critical Stage In A Woman’s Life!

Menopause: A Critical Stage In A Woman’s Life! - Sakshi Post

Menopause is a stage and even a gradual process wherein the reproductive hormones present in a woman’s body start to weaken. This may be a protracted process of several women and can even take years. When a woman stops ovulating or does not have periods for an entire year then only it is assured that woman is has had Menopause. Irregular periods for the women of ages 45-55 years are a sign of the onset of this condition.

During this stage, women go through fluctuation in their weights, mood swings, excruciating intercourse, diminished libido, hot flashes and even vaginal dryness.

Effects of the Condition

Menopause does have an effect on the bone health of women. The decline in estrogen production in the woman’s body during Menopause can considerably lessen the calcium in the bones. This can cause noteworthy fall in the bone density leading to a condition known as Osteoporosis.

Women often have unwanted weight gains while going through Menopause. This generally occurs because of the deviations in the hormonal levels which trigger their body weight. The reduced levels of estrogen and progesterone in the body are also a contributor. This weight can also worsen the cardiac system resulting in greater heart problems.

What to do?

It is important to start consuming Vitamin D and calcium supplements. Consume milk and dairy products in the diet along with some healthy lifestyle changes like regular exercise and a balanced diet. It is essential that woman sustain and control their weight by regular exercises and balanced diets.

Are the Symptoms, Genetic?

The indications and signs of menopause generally differ from person to person. Since the lifestyle and environmental factors too trigger the health condition therefore, the experiences might not be similar. It is not essential that something that might have had to your sister or mother, might happen to you also. The symptoms and the effects shall definitely vary with members of the same family.

It is always necessary to seek guidance and communicating your health conditions to a doctor.

It is very essential that a woman and even her family take special care of the women during this phase.

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