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A lot of people in today’s times have been dealing with dark under eye circles. These dark circles are a major cosmetic concern because they impede one’s beauty and natural radiance. Due to the sedentary lifestyles of the people, this problem has been plaguing and spreading like a forest fire.

It is very essential to understand the roots of the problems to cure it. Here, are the causes of Under-Eye Dark Circles:

- The problem of dark circles can be Genetic. It can be passed onto offspring’s as well.

- Dark Circles can be caused due to unhealthy and faulty habits like consumption of alcohol, smoking and drugs

- The major reason for dark circles is Lack of sleep

- Nutritional deficiencies in the body can also, result in unwanted under eye dark circles

- Overuse of laptops, computers, iPods or mobile phones. The radiations emitted from these technological gadgets are harmful for our skin and eyes.

- Prolonged exposure to UV radiations is another cause of dark circles

- Allergic contact dermatitis/atopic dermatitis

- Superficial and prominent blood vessels in under eye area

- The Hollowness of eyes makes the appearance of dark circles more bulging

- Aged skin with projecting Wrinkles and fine lines

To naturally deal with the problem of dark circles, Dr. Nivedita Dadu, Founder and Chairman, Dr. Nivedita Dadu’s Dermatology Clinic has rolled out a few tips to prevent dark circles:

1. Take adequate sleep of at least 6-8 hours every day. Also, ensure that you sleep at the same time to ensure that you have a proper sleep cycle.

2. Avoid prolonged sun exposures. Always wear sunglasses and apply sunscreen on your skin.

3. It is very essential to stay hydrated and drink ample amounts of water throughout the day. Along with this, eat a nutritious balanced diet which includes citrus fruits and green vegetables.

4. Ditch bad habits like smoking, drinking alcohol and overuse of laptop

5. Sunscreens should be applied regularly.

6. Avoid rubbing of eyes excessively and do not indulge in applying too much cosmetics on your skin. Makeup often speeds up ageing of skin which results in protruding dark circles.

Some of the Treatments for Dark Circles

Treatment options for dark circles include invasive and non-invasive procedures.

- Topical Treatments include the application of skin lightening agents such as Kojic Acid, Vitamin C, Azelaic Acid, Hydroquinone, etc.

- Fillers - Soft tissue fillers give volume to the under eye area, thus reducing the hollowness under the eyes.

- Aqua Renascence - sequential chemical peeling. It is done in which two chemical peels will be applied in the same sitting and thus act synergistically and lessen under-eye pigmentation. It revitalizes and conditions skin possesses mild peeling action and prevents the development of the inflammatory process.

- Under Eye Plasma Induction Therapy - It leads to the stimulation of collagen and elastin regeneration of new healthy skin. It improves fine lines, texture, pigmentation, and wrinkles and it also corrects hollowness of eyes and eye bags.

- Under Eye Pixel - Laser marks the melanin and leads to fragmentation and thus breaches of melanin which is the main reason of pigmentation. Lasers also work on fine lines and wrinkles.

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