New Delhi: We often come across days when we don’t feel comfortable and sound about ourselves down there. The vagina can often be itchy, dry, produce excessive or discoloured discharge and smell fishy. Therefore, it is important that we take care of our vagina and ensure its safety.

The Vagina is generally the most sensitive organ and requires proper care and attention too. There are several mistakes that a woman makes unknowingly with her vagina which can often lead her to several harsh affects in the long run. These mistakes can often be made while urinating or otherwise on a normal day, during her periods or even before and after sex. It is very necessary that a woman takes care of her health, hygiene and well being.

We are putting light some common mistakes that women often make unintentionally and accidentally without being unconscious of their repercussions:

1. Avoid using scented soaps and fragrances for your vagina. These artificial scents can be really harmful for the vagina as they contain several chemicals and harsh ingredients. Also, these artificial scented soaps and body washes do not have a proper pH balance for the vagina. A woman must always use Intimate Washes that are pH balanced and are totally safe for use.

2. It’s a complete no to wipe yourself down there from back to front. This leads to the penetration of bacteria and infections in the vagina. It is highly advised to wipe yourself from front to back always.

3. It is essential to keep changing your sanitary pads at regular intervals to keep vaginal infections and viruses at bay. Also, failure in doing so results in a host to infectious diseases.

4. Always clean your vagina after having sex as this shall significantly reduce spreading of bacteria. Cleaning vagina after sex is certainly an important thing to do after sexual activities. Also, it is essential to use a condom while having sex as this shall evade the threat of Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI). It also good to pee after you have sex.

5. Always make sure that you and your partner always wash hands before getting laid. Most infections happen to couples who escape this process since the bacteria contained on the hands is transferred to other parts of the body like urethra and vagina.

6. It is important to use the washroom whenever you feel urge to do so. Refraining yourself from urinating for too long can put unnecessary pressure on your bladder which can also result in infections.

7. Drink plenty of water throughout the day and keep yourself hydrated. This shall prevent urinary infections and shall evade all the waste from your system.

8. Avoid douching and using dirty toilets. In cases where there is no access to clean and hygienic toilets, always carry disposable or portable urinating devices with yourself.

Dr. Rita Bakshi, Senior Gynaecologist and IVF Expert, International Fertility Centre

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