'We will form the next government'

'We will form the next government' - Sakshi Post

Botsa Satyanarayana, N.Raghuveera Reddy, Kanna Laxminarayana and Anam Ramnarayana Reddy on Thursday met Governor E.S.L.Narasimhan and informed the latter of their intentions of forming the next Government in the state.  

This move has pushed Congress further into dilemma of whether to opt for President's rule or  for a new Government.  

All the four ministers have asked the Governor to chose among them, a person who would lead the next Government.  “Imposing President’s rule in the state at this juncture will not help," the ministers reportedly told the Governor. 

Interestingly, many are asking if the four ministers met the Governor in the capacity of Congress members or as citizens of the state.  


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