Vundavalli's stand on Telangana puzzling

Vundavalli's stand on Telangana puzzling - Sakshi Post

Rajahmundry MP Vundavalli Arun Kumar made a sensational statement on the Telangana issue on Thursday. He said that there will be no problem if the state was divided.

Speaking to media in Vizag, he said that state will be divided if it was inevitable.  The MP also said that the creation of separate state was only possible if the entire country had a consensus on the issue.

The state will be divided keeping in mind the circumstances of that region, he said. However, the division must be backed by a Majority in the Assembly. "People who want to part should have majority in the Assembly, " he said.

Stating that Vizag was neglected because of fondness for Hyderabad, Vundavalli demanded that Hyderabad be made second capital of the country.

"UPA government has taken many historical decisions and it is striving to develop all the backward regions," he asserted. He predicted that even BJP can't meet its promise even it came to power. After all his talk, people were confused over Vundavalli's stand on Telangana—that if he was for or against division as his views were contradictory.

- Sakshipost

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