Vote YSRCP for a welfare state: Vijayamma

Vote YSRCP for a welfare state: Vijayamma - Sakshi Post

Kalyandurg (Anantapura dist), March 18: Giving a clarion call to reject Congress, TDP and other parties in the ensuing multiple elections, YS Vijayamma has appealed to the voters to continue their support to the YSRCP to usher in the welfare state envisioned by YSR.

Addressing a large gathering at the home constituency of the PCC Chief for Seemandhra, YS Vijayamma has said Congress has failed to continue the welfare schemes of YSR and has imposed taxes and hiked charges on power, bus fares and prices of essential commodities have skyrocketed like never before during the past four-and-a-half years.

Congress has divided the state for the sake of votes and seats and Kiran Kumar Reddy, who worked as a loyal soldier to the high command throughout the division process has come out after all the damage, was done and is now donning the cap of an integrationist. TDP on the other hand has given a letter to Centre to divide the state and did not withdraw it.

YSRCP has undertaken indefinite fast and launched every form of agitation to prevent the state from getting divided and we are still fighting a legal battle. “The Parties that are responsible for the division and taking anti-people decisions will also come to you seeking votes and your wisdom should prevail in separating calk from cheese.

YS Jagan Mohan Reddy has fought for every cause of yours and he went on fast even in jail and after his release for keeping the state united. He directed the party and agitations we have taken up while he was in jail. N Chandrababu Naidu has been making tall promises even without considering if they can be implemented or not. His past is full of broken promises and backstabbing.

He usurped the power and party from NTR by intrigue and has done away with the three main welfare schemes, of Rs 2 kg rice, subsidized power to farmers and prohibition. After he took over he has promised free education to girl child, sops to artisans but never kept his promise,” she said in her address as part of YSR Janbheri here on Tuesday.

Resuming her speech, after she stopped it while a prayer was going on at the nearby mosque, she said: “ Chandrababu Naidu has sold out 54 profit making industries to his henchmen at throwaway prices in the name of disinvestment rendering about 50,000 jobless and now he promises to give employment to a member from each family.

While he was very harsh in collecting the power dues from farmers and put them in jail for default through special courts, now he comes to town trumpeting for free power and loan waiver. He was never supportive to farmers and his cabinet colleagues as well spoke ill about agriculture and farmers.

There was no food, water and fodder even. In the name of Hi-Tech city he burdened people to a tune of Rs 55,000 crores, she said. It is established beyond doubt that he will never adhere to his promises. On the contrary the state and nation has seen YSR breathing life into rural landscape and rolling a green carpet with his loan and interest waiver and welfare schemes to benefit farmers, students, women, physically challenged people and taking quality medicare to the reach of the poor through Aarogyasri.

His welfare schemes have touched all sections of people who still remember him and the gratitude was expressed in the by-polls. During YSR term of five years there were no fresh taxes and no hike in power tariff or bus charges and he has balanced welfare with development and stood like a model chief minister. It was YSR who has provided 4 % reservation to the Minorities.

After him came the K Rosaiah and Kiran Kumar Reddy governments which took many anti-people schemes and burdened the people with heavy taxation and hike in power charges and increase in bus fares. Congress, TDP, Kiran Kumar Reddy or any other party has never worked for the interest of people but were looking after their wellbeing only.
Naidu has been helping Congress at the State and Centre as well, she said. YS Jagan Mohan Reddy on the other hand will take forward the vision of YSR and he has promised to clear four files the moment he assumes office. The four promises would help education of children, increase the old age pension to Rs 700, set up a Market stabilization Fund to provide cushion for Minimum Support Price (MSP) and provide sops to DWACRA groups.

“With the performance of all four parties before you, I appeal you to vote for YSRCP fan symbol and give a decisive mandate to place YS Jagan Mohan Reddy at the helm of affairs,” she said.

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