Vijayamma threatens to sue Naidu for defamation

Vijayamma threatens to sue Naidu for defamation - Sakshi Post

Going by the statements Naidu has made during his Vastunna Meekosam padayatra, TDP's agenda is quite clear—poilitical mudslinging. Chandrababu Naidu invariably targets members of the YSR family.

The latest allegation was aimed at YSRCP leader Sharmila's husband, Brother Anil Kumar. The family which kept mum till now, hasn't taken too kindly to these words. The YSRCP honorary president, YS Vijayamma who had ignored all the words of ill will till nowl, chose to hit out at her detractors yesterday. Vijayamma has decided to give the critics of her family, a fitting reply.
During a meeting at the party office, Vijayamma slammed Naidu for spreading false stories about the family. She also warned the TDP chief against making false allegations against her son-in-law, Brother Anil Kumar.
Defending Bro Anil, Vijayamma said Sharmila's husband was not involved in any kind of scams in any way. She also said if Naidu didn't stop creating controversies, she would be forced to initiate legal action against him. Vijayamma warned that she may file a defamation case if needed.
The YSRCP honourary president said people had enough of Naidu's criticisms of her son. She also alleged that Naidu was wasting time in tarnishing the image of YSR family instead of moving a no-confidence motion against the failed government (Congress).

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