Vijayamma: Should the CBI be investigated?

Vijayamma: Should the CBI be investigated? - Sakshi Post

In an extraordinary speech, Y S Vijayamma, honorary president of YSR Congress on Tuesday pooh-poohed the Congress, the TDP and also the CBI for playing a different game of politics to corner her son Jagan Mohan Reddy.

Addressing the massive gathering at the valedictory of day-long deeksha at Indira Park in Hyderabad protesting against the illegal detention of Jagan for the past one year, Vijayamma came down heavily on the ministers who were charged by the CBI in connection with 26 GOs. Referring to remarks made by Dharmana Prasada Rao that he was disagreeing with the remark “tainted” and claimed himself as an innocent, Vijayamma said when what he had done when late YSR’s name was framed in the first FIR filed by CBI naming him as the main conspirator. YSR family was subjected to injustice and Jagan was sent to jail. He was just an undertrial not a convicted. Vijayamma asked all the tainted ministers why they have not filed a counter petition when the CBI special court asked for it on the 26 GOs. It showed how the Congress had a hand in glove with the CBI just to put Jagan in jail, she lambasted.

She said Jagan had never visited secretariat and not even called any minister over phone for any favour. She dared the ministers to reveal such instances if they have really had it.  Saying that the Congress party  fell into its own dig without filing a counter affidavit in the court, Vijayamma said it was heartening to note that the Congress party was terming YSR as a conspirator and sent Jagan to jail. Without naming Minister Anam Ramanarayana Reddy, Vijayamma took strong exception over his remarks against Jagan that he was a financial terrorist and he be hanged. She said the ministers who made the comments against him should they ever found YSR in such a fraudulent position? Can they able to even see straight into the eyes of YSR? She also took a dig at Union Minister Kotla Suryaprakasa Reddy for his comment that Jagan would not come out of jail and there was only option for them to merge YSRCP with Congress. 

‘Different justices for different persons?’

The YSRCP honorary president made a scathing attack on the Congress for using CBI as its weapon to create a panic among the leaders who left the party. She mentioned the comments on former CBI director Joginder Singh how the CBI was being used by the Congress. She said CBI director Ranjith Sinha himself admitted how CBI would function when dealing with the cases especially in the Coalgate scam. She asked why CBI had not questioned Rajiv Gandhi when he was charged in the Bofors case. How far it was justifiable for different justices for different persons, Vijayamma questioned. How it would be believed that CBI was fair in its investigation when it had so many biased examples as commented by the Supreme Court. Referring to Gulam Nabi Azad’s comments that Jagan would have been in the chair of the Chief Minister or minister if he did not leave the Congress party, Vijayamma said it showed the CBI was in the pockets of Congress. 

‘Naidu  had a nexus with Cong’

Vijayamma said late YSR gave victory for two consecutive terms to Congress, but it had in return blamed him as “conspirator” and put his son in jail with no fault of his. Criticizing TDP leader Chandrababu Naidu as co-conspirator in the entire episode, Vijayamma said he had said it was Rs 10,000 crore scam first and later put it at Rs 30,000 crore and finally he projected it to Rs 1 lakh crore on his own. She expressed shock over his remarks that a lorry would be required to transport the currency bundles as if he had an experience in the transportation of notes. She lamented that Naidu had joined hands with the Congress and made Jagan as his main target because people were with him. She said YSR had allotted lands which were wastelands for setting up of industries like Brahmini Steels in Kadapa, Jedcherla SEZ and Medak. But, Naidu had given the valuable lands in the vicinity of Hyderabad city which worth now lakhs of crores. Though all the Naidu’s actions were suspicious, the CBI had never tried to probe into them, she said. In a bid to save the Congress Government, Naidu skipped the trust motion in the Assembly and asked his MPs not to attend the Parliament during the voting on FDI, Vijayamma said it was an evident for nexus between Naidu and Congress. 

Expressing her deep concern for calling YSR and her son Jagan as traitors, Vijayamma said YSR had never tried to grab money and always tried to help people solving their problems. Jagan was groomed in such a way that he had never entered into illegal and unethical means to lead his life. “As a mother, I can say that her son Jagan had never committed any offence in his lifetime,” she asserted. Observing that Jagan would be out of the jail only if the Congress felt extending Jagan’s jail term would hamper its prospects in the next elections, Vijayamma called upon the party workers to make concerted efforts to exert pressure on the Congress government for his release. She thanked the supporters, followers, sympathizers and party workers for their support during the two-day protest against the Jagan’s illegal detention. 

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